Anne Powell, DART Project Manager

Anne is the project manager for DART and, in this role, draws on her over 15 years of experience in managing projects supporting research systems in Africa, Asia and Latin America, specifically through university consortia. She is delighted to bring this experience, plus her strong belief in the provision of data as evidence on which to base research, to DART.  DART’s ambition to harness artificial intelligence to improve diagnosis and survival rates for those with lung cancer fills Anne with excitement and the real hope of making a difference.  

She worked with the International Network for Advancing Science in Policy, INASP, for over 17 years, leading projects to successfully and sustainably manage the supply, production and use of research literature. She drew together researchers, publishers and librarians to determine the best (and most affordable) routes to ensure equitable access to and publication of research. She presented at many research and publishing conferences.

A highlight of her career in INASP was working with Sierra Leonean Higher Education Institutions to strengthen their national research system following civil war and ebola, building a university consortium and a national research and education network.

Prior to moving to the UK to take up the position with INASP, Anne headed the Department of Library and Information Science at the Harare Polytechnic in Zimbabwe.

As Project Manager, Anne works on Work Package 1 Leadership and Project Management to provide support across all packages.