Dr Minsuok Kim DART.

Dr Minsuok Kim, COPD/CAD Model Development and Validation (WP5)

Dr Minsuok Kim has multidisciplinary study and research experience including science, engineering and healthcare technology area.

He obtained his PhD at the State University of New York at Buffalo for Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering in 2007. His thesis research topic was the computational modelling of neurovascular haemodynamics and endovascular intervention devices.

His research interest in Biomedical Engineering led him to join a European research project, @neuIST. In this project, he developed a computational model to simulate neurovascular haemodynamics and endovascular intervention devices to treat brain aneurysms.

Later, he came to the University of Oxford (Computer Science, 2011-2014) to join multi-scale respiratory system modelling projects, Synergy-COPD and AirPROM. These projects allowed him to study respiratory dynamics and consequently introduce a new medical image-based full-scale airway flow model. His modelling technique was advanced while he was working at the University of Warwick (Engineering, 2014-2017) and the University of Oxford (Engineering Science, 2017-2019). The latest outcomes of his modelling research enabled him to assess the functional assessment of a lung utilizing conventional structure imaging CT data.

His current research interests lie in medical image-based respiratory system dynamics modelling of diseased lungs and its application to develop a medical image-based artificial intelligence algorithm to support the respiratory disease diagnosis.


  • PhD, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, State University of New York at Buffalo, NY, USA
  • MS, Environmental and Health Science, University of Michigan, MI, USA
  • MS, Civil Engineering, Seoul National University, South Korea

Dr Kim is working on Work Package 5 COPD/CAD Model Development and Validation.