Dr Tapabrata (Rohan) Chakraborty DART.

Dr Tapabrata (Rohan) Chakraborty, Visiting Scientist, Digital Pathology AI and Radiomics Model Development (WP4)

Dr. Tapabrata (Rohan) Chakraborty is an early career researcher in explainable deep learning models in medical image analysis.

He co-leads the work on digital pathology and radiomics modelling with Prof. Jens Rittscher in a part-time capacity, looking into radiomics based joint analysis of lung radiology+histology data, for identification of new bio-markers and improved cancer screening.

He is currently a Junior Research Fellow at Linacre College, University of Oxford, where he holds the prestigious EPA Cephalosporin Fellowship for biomedical engineering. He is a visiting researcher at the Big Data Institute of Department of Engineering Science, where he earlier served as a postdoctoral researcher for 2 years.

Tapabrata also serves as the Senior Outreach Officer at the Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford where he leads the science communication initiatives of the department in AI research.

He is Tutor at the EPSRC Doctoral Training Centre in Health Data Science, where he teaches the modules in deep learning and medical image analysis.

He is a Guest Editor for the journal Springer Nature Computer Science and is in the process of becoming an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, UK.

He has been recently selected for the competitive Oxford-Canterbury Erskine programme, which comes with a funded visiting faculty position at University of Canterbury, NZ.

Before moving to Oxford, Tapabrata completed his PhD in Computer Science in New Zealand, and the project won the Diane Campbell Hunt Memorial Award (only 1 recipient per year). During his PhD studies, Tapabrata served part-time as a Data Scientist at High Performance Sport NZ, where he was the project lead for analysis of NZ sports data for medal likelihood prediction. Tapabrata also co-founded Geia Ltd, a B2B SaaS startup consultancy for NZ SMEs to increase their energy efficiency, and as Technical Director he won the Callaghan R&D Innovation Grant from the Govt. of NZ.

Dr Tapabrata (Rohan) Chakraborty works on Digital Pathology AI and Radiomics Model Development and Validation (DARTs Work Package 4).