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Steve Harris, Informatician

Steve has been working in clinical trials and clinical informatics for over 20 years, particularly for cancer research, concentrating on innovative ways to make informatics solutions more agile and reliable whilst simultaneously enabling studies to more easily participate in ‘big picture’ per-patient meta-analysis. He also lead informatics and information systems for whole genome projects in Oxford at the Oxford Molecular Diagnostics Centre including systems for Oxford’s participation in Genomics England’s 100,000 Genomes project.

A UK expert/delegate to ISO/JTC1/SC32 (metadata) and ISO/TC215 (healthcare informatics) he edits several standards and specifications supporting architectures for discovery/interoperability between information systems both in healthcare and research, and more widely across eGovernment.  Steve is a member of NHS Digital’s Data Design Authority which leads on informatics architecture for the NHS in England. 

Steve is working on work package 2.