Approvals and adoption

March 2, 2022


DART is very pleased that the project has been adopted onto the NIHR portfolio and is therefore deemed eligible for NIHR Clinical Research Network support. Further information about CRN support can be found on the NIHR website.

The 15 Local Clinical Research Networks (LCRN) cover the length and breadth of England and are available to coordinate and support the delivery of research across the NHS in England.

Health Research Authority HRA

DART has had confirmation that HRA and Health and Care Research Wales (HCRW) Approval has been given for the study, on the basis described in the application form, protocol, supporting documentation and clarifications requested and received.

DART has also had notification of Confidentiality Advisory Group (CAG) conditional support, as per the excerpt from their letter below.

“The role of the Confidentiality Advisory Group (CAG) is to review applications submitted under these Regulations and to provide advice to the Health Research Authority on whether application activity should be supported, and if so, any relevant conditions. This application was considered at the CAG meeting held on 10 February 2022.

Health Research Authority decision

The Health Research Authority, having considered the advice from the Confidentiality Advisory Group as set out below, has determined the following:

The application, to allow the disclosure of confidential patient information from participating trusts to the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, is conditionally supported, subject to compliance with the standard and specific conditions of support.

Please note that the legal basis to allow access to the specified confidential patient information without consent is now in effect.”

The conditions of support allow for the project to proceed as planned and will be addressed by mid-May 2022. DART will comply with the HRA annual review.

CAG reference: 22/CAG/0010

IRAS project ID: 301420

REC reference: 21/WM/0278