National lung cancer screening

September 29, 2022

The UK National Screening Committee has today recommended the introduction of targeted lung cancer screening.

Targeted screening for lung cancer is recommended for people aged 55 to 74 identified as being at high risk of lung cancer. Evidence shows that screening with low-dose computed tomography:

  • reduces lung cancer mortality
  • is acceptable to patients and professionals if adequately resourced and quality assured

DART has been working with NHSE sites which have piloted Targeted Lung Health Checks. Their success has led to this extension of the programme to all the four UK nations. As one example, the Doncaster programme has been operational since mid-March 2021 and in the first year 11,857 lung health check calls and more than 5,000 initial scans have taken place; 50 previously unknown lung cancers have been found, 73% of which were early-stage lung cancers.  Seven other cancers have also been confirmed and  41 patients (75%) have been given life-saving cancer treatment so far.

DART will be working with lung health check sites to collect and use data to develop artificial intelligence methods to further improve early detection and thus lead to earlier and more successful treatment.

Read the UK NSC announcement here and the response from the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation here.