National Consortium of Intelligent Medical Imaging (NCIMI)

The National Consortium of Intelligent Medical Imaging (NCIMI) is revolutionising healthcare through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and medical imaging.

NCIMI is a partnership between NHS trusts, companies, universities, charities and patient groups coordinated by the University of Oxford.

They believe innovation takes place across sector boundaries, and have brought together partners to enable this innovation to happen with greater speed and impact.

They use de-identified patient data coupled to clinical insight, to support the development, validation and deployment of medical imaging AI to improve patient care.

They support projects at all stages along the development pipeline – including initial project scoping and pilot data collection, large data set acquisition, development for algorithm training and validation, reader studies and real-world evaluation.

“NCIMI is a launchpad to improve the healthcare industry through the use of AI and generate new insights which will benefit everyone. We collaborate to support the full pipeline of AI development – testing, training, validation and deployment. Our partners share an ethos that improvement in patient care through AI needs to be equitable, ethical and fair.”

DR Claire Bloomfield, NCIMI CEO

Funded by Innovate UK in 2019 through the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund’s drive to support the UK’s AI sector, their knowledge and findings are shared through our national, cloud-connected network of hospitals supporting AI research and data sharing for innovative projects with the NHS, academia and industry.


DART is coordinated by the NCIMI, with significant, fully-funded engagement from NHS Trusts across the country.

NCIMI provides infrastructure for data acquisition and processing, and extends existing data architecture to cover the additional data points required, as well as providing overall programme support, integrating it into NCIMI and allowing access to ethics, PPIE and governance frameworks already in place.