OCTO (Oxford Oncology Clinical Trial Office)

OCTO (Oxford Oncology Clinical Trial Office) is the oncology division of the UKCRC registered Oxford Clinical Trials Research Unit (OCTRU), providing clinical trial management support to investigators across the CRUK Oxford Centre to manage trials from concept to completion.


OCTO’s contribution to the DART collaborative study is in supporting the development of the study set up, protocol and patient information, as well as for the associated sample handling documentation for the DART sub-study.  Once the national regulatory approvals are in place, OCTO will support the participating sites in obtaining their local regulatory approvals for the study start-up. This responsibility will be maintained for the implementation of approvals for study amendments or updates occurring throughout the period of the study.

Our OCTO DART trial team will be liaising with the study teams at each of the participating sites, from study start to closure, ensuring the protocol is appropriately implemented and maintained by providing direct support, communication and training. We will be making regular update reports to our stakeholders and collaborators on the study sites’ progress, including patient recruitment, uptake to the DART sub-study and any emerging logistical issues. Specifically, we are responsible for working with the DART collaborators in the planning and schedule for the sample collection procedures at the sites.   We will be ensuring the secure transfer of the DART sub-study patient samples from the participating sites to delegated laboratories and biobanks within academic, commercial and NHS institutions according to regulatory requirements, protocol and individual participant consent.

OCTO is providing an important resource for completing the DART study aim of collective data integration for improved knowledge in thoracic disease diagnosis and outcomes.