Optellum Ltd

Optellum will lead and deliver DART’s lung cancer AI model validation work by providing AI and technical expertise and will collaborate with Roche on the integration of blood biomarkers.

Optellum in the news: AI breakthrough could speed up lung cancer diagnosis – and save the NHS millions

About Optellum’s solution

Optellum has developed the world’s first AI-based Decision Support software to enable physicians to manage lung nodule patients optimally.

For cancer patients, this means diagnosing and treating lung cancer at the earliest stage when a cure is most feasible. For patients with benign lung nodules, this means fewer rounds of unnecessary and potentially harmful testing.

To build this software, Optellum and partners gathered the largest real-world dataset of chest CT images and associated clinical data. Using Machine Learning, they have developed a solution that enables clinicians to determine which patients are more likely to have cancer more accurately than the current standard of care.

About Optellum

Optellum was founded so that every lung cancer patient is treated at the earliest possible stage, and cured. They are redefining early interception of lung disease, by enabling clinicians to manage their patients in an optimal way.

Their first product is the first Clinical Decision Support software for personalised early diagnosis & treatment of lung cancer, based on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning applied to the world’s largest clinical dataset.

They’re a team of world-leading medical imaging software, AI, and clinical experts who met at Oxford’s world-renowned computer vision laboratory. Between them, they have track records of bringing innovation to market through over 10 start-up companies, resulting in five trade sales and one IPO.

They are backed by an Advisory Board comprising world-leading clinicians (global authors of medical guidelines) and experts in deep learning.

Optellum and DART

To learn more about Optellum please visit their website or email info@optellum.com for more information.

Optellum is working on Work Package 3 AI Model Validation on Lung Cancer Screening and on Work Package 7 Integration of Blood Biomarkers.