Dr Liz Stokes DART.

Dr Liz Stokes, Population Health and Health Economics (WP6)

Dr Liz Stokes is a Senior Researcher in the Health Economics Research Centre (HERC) at the Nuffield Department of Population Health, University of Oxford.

Liz’s research interests lie in economic evaluation and particularly in costing within economic evaluations.  She has worked on many cost-effectiveness analyses alongside randomised controlled trials in areas such as blood transfusion, and cardiac and thoracic surgery, and has used decision modelling to assess the cost-effectiveness of additional tests to guide treatment decisions for several cardiac populations.

Dr Liz Stokes joined HERC in November 2009, having worked at Keele University (2001-2007) and Liverpool John Moores University (2008-2009) and in this time completed an MSc in Medical Statistics at the University of Leicester.  Liz completed a doctoral thesis at the University of Oxford in 2016 on the costs and cost-effectiveness of transfusion management strategies in cardiac surgery.

Liz is working on the health economics stream of Work Package 6 Primary Care / Population Health and Health Economics.