Leadership and project management

IRAS 301420

Work package one

Responsibility for ensuring the project meets its aims of collecting, storing, managing and sharing data to improve outcomes in participants undergoing Lung Cancer Screening (LCS) efficiently and effectively rests with this work package.  Patient history, low dose CT and PET scans, biopsies, resections and blood samples are being collected.

The Leadership and Project Management work package ensures that the project aims are delivered and the governance, reporting and dissemination are carried out effectively.  We hold regular meetings with each work package, with the Lung Health Check centres and with the funder, Innovate UK, to ensure the project delivers the collection, storage, management and sharing of data to improve outcomes in participants undergoing Lung Cancer Screening using low dose CT (Computed tomography).

Project aims

This research programme, working with NHSE Lung Health Check (LHC) centres, collects the data from the sites and their onward referral hospitals, and in this Lung Cancer Screening programme aims to:

  • Improve patient selection and reduce costs
  • Develop, validate and trial a CT artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm used for the categorisation of pulmonary nodules detected
  • Assess the value of proteomics in participants with pulmonary nodules
  • Determine whether combining proteomics with a CT AI algorithm improves nodule categorisation
  • Progress the development of the Full-scale Airway Network (FAN) model using AI
  • Identify markers of cardiac disease in low dose non-gated lung CT scans
  • Develop a radiomics model for improved CT categorisation of pulmonary nodules
  • Develop an AI histology model that may be used to categorise nodules in smokers
  • Develop models that predict outcomes in Lung Cancer Screening and early-stage lung cancer
  • Develop a Quality Assurance Programme in Lung Cancer Screening

Our leadership and project management work package is led by Prof Fergus Gleeson (CI) with support from Anne Powell (Project Manager).  University of Oxford structures (OCTO and OCHRe) are providing expertise.